Evil killer’s bogus 999 call after he murdered mum-of-two with axe in forest

An evil murderer who killed his ex-girlfriend called police when her concerned relatives turned up at his home looking for their relative.

Andrew Burfield, 51, took Katie Kenyon for a meal at McDonald’s on April 22 before driving her to Forest of Bowland, Lancs, where he had already prepared her makeshift grave.

In an effort to cover his tracks, Burfield messaged himself and his victim’s children off her phone before using his own phone to send Ms Kenyon voice notes, begging her to call him.

After the deadly attack he buried her body but later dialled 999 when her concerned relatives went to his house looking for Katie, it has been revealed.

Earlier today he was sentenced to life behind bars with a minimum term of 32 years, after admitting the crime on the third day of the trial at Preston Crown Court.

Police have now released a 999 call made by the killer when Katie’s family turned up at his door looking for her.

In the audio Burfield is heard saying: “There’s a guy here threatening me, he’s kicking my door in.

“I don’t know his name, he’s a friend of my girlfriend.

“He’s come to collect some items for somebody.

“He’s standing in the foyer, I’m going to barricade the door.”

When asked if his girlfriend knew the man’s name Burfield chillingly replied she was not in, when in fact she was already dead in the grave he had dug for her earlier.

In April this year Burfield had taken Katie for what would be her final meal at McDonald’s before driving her to a forest where he’d already dug her grave.

He told the vulnerable mum-of-two he was taking her to a therapy unit so she could get help.

When he was caught he bizarrely told police it was all an accident involving a bet and a Coke can and was even captured leading officers to the burial site in a chilling video.

Speaking at his sentencing Mr Justice Goose told Burfield: “She looked to you for love and support, in return you planned and carried out her murder.

“This was not heat of the moment. It involved planning, lies, the destruction of evidence and an implausible defence.

“Your murder of Katie was as cruel as it was savage. The calmness you displayed before, during and after proves your dangerousness.

“You planned to kill her that day. You planned this as early as April 4 when you wrote notes on your phone to her children.

“You encouraged her to look forward to her new start and she believed you.”