Start a business checklist

This way you can give your own company a flying start

You are walking around with plans to start your own business. As a freelancer you want to run your own (web) shop yourself, or you dream of a BV with staff or conquer the world as a freelancer. Whatever you want to do, starting your own business starts here.

Setting up your own company starts with arranging practical matters

Anyone who wants to start their own business must first arrange a number of practical matters. Think of a company name, registration with the Chamber of Commerce (Chamber of Commerce), taking out the correct insurance policies, opening a business bank account or drawing up general terms and conditions. And you need to think about how to bring in customers and how to effectively use your network.

Centraal Beheer provides valuable tips for starting your own business

So there is a lot to consider when setting up your own company. We are happy to give you valuable tips to help you get off to a flying start. And tips that help to professionalize your organization once you have started.

Before starting your own business

Do you have a vague plan or do you already know exactly what you want from your company? This checklist and tips will help you in the initial phase.

Create a business plan

Writing a business plan is an opportunity to turn your ideas into a plan of action. You identify the chance of success for your idea and what threats there may be. The business plan helps you to focus and make decisions about your own business.

Choosing a company name

Choosing a good company name for your own business is very important. But how do you choose a good name as a starting entrepreneur?

Choosing the legal form of your own company

The legal form determines, among other things, your VAT obligations and liability for debts. Which form suits you and your organization?

Insurance starting entrepreneurs

Do you know what risks you run with your own company and how you can insure yourself as a starting entrepreneur? We help you on your way with the risk scan.

Turn your company into a professional organization

You may have made a flying start as an entrepreneur. This checklist and tips will help you to professionalize your own business.

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